Reach brands Japanese-inspired soft drink Koji

Reach has created the Japanese-inspired branding and packaging for new soft drink Koji.


The consultancy was appointed initially by parent company the Future Drinks Company to create the brand positioning for Koji, which is based around the idea of ‘Japanese inspired purity’, according to Reach.

Reach created a ‘portal to purity’ brand identity that aims to reflect the drink’s low-sugar natural ingredients. Reach says the marque aims to ‘express a feeling of naturalness, calmness, sophistication and purity.’

Mark Rylands, head of design at Reach, says, ‘The brushmark icon and illustration style were influenced by the beauty of oriental gardens and art. The feeling of simplicity and freshness in the design was vital to reflect the naturally healthy and refreshing qualities of this unique soft drink.’

Koji launches next month, initially being sold in pubs, cafes and delicatessens in the South West.

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