Royal College of Art rolls out new identity

The Royal College of Art is rolling out its new identity, created by RCA dean of the School of Communication Neville Brody.

The new Royal College of Art identity
The new Royal College of Art identity

Brody and his consultancy Research Studios have created a new lock-up for the RCA logo, which retains the royal crest and the Calvert font, which has been the RCA’s house font since the 1990s.

Brody also worked with Calvert designer Margaret Calvert and Henrik Kubel of A2-Type to develop the new Calvert Brody headline typeface for the RCA.

Brody describes the new typeface as ‘an expanded spectrum between classic proportions and characteristics and an industrial stencil structure, allowing for application on paper, on screen and in physical environments.’

The Calvert Brody typeface
The Calvert Brody typeface

Calvert Brody was first used at the RCA’s new Dyson Building, which opened last September.

The RCA says it was looking for a new identity that would bring greater coherency to a brand that had developed into a number of variations, used in disparate ways by different parts of the college.

The previous identity
The previous identity

Brody says, ‘Our audience has changed, and will continue to evolve and grow as our strategy develops. It includes partners in the UK and overseas in industry, public sector and academia, students, staff and potential applicants, alumnus and media.

‘The key to the success of the RCA brand is its consistency. Through this, we can maintain quality in our conversations with the outside world, allowing us to speak with confidence and collegiality.’

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