Wrapping a building up warm

Jim Giles, an 84-year-old Manchester-based artist, likes knitting.

Jim Giles, with scarf
Jim Giles, with scarf

He likes knitting so much in fact, that he’s working on a 400m-long scarf, which he’s going to wrap around his residential home, Victoria Square in Ancoats, in time for winter.

Jim's Victoria Square residential home will be wrapped in a 400m-long scarf
Jim’s Victoria Square residential home will be wrapped in a 400m-long scarf

The project – billed as Manchester’s longest scarf – aims to promote the benefits that knitting – and social housing – offer to thousands of people all over the country.

But Jim can’t knit the full 400m all on his own in time for the 18 October deadline, so he’s seeking volunteer knitters to get involved and help him reach his target.

Manchester-based consultancy Raw has created a website for Jim, to help him promote the project.

The Jim's Scarf website
The Jim’s Scarf website

Raw creative director Rob Watson says the responsive website ‘acts much like a scarf, as one long page for users to explore the different elements of the project and find their nearest knitting club’.

Still 100m to go
Still 100m to go

You can visit Jim’s site at jims-scarf.co.uk ahead of the big scarf unveil on 18 October. At the time of writing Jim still had 100m to go…

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