Editorial design shortlist 2013


Telecities guides, for TeleCityGroup, by Nelson Bostock and Structure

TelecityGroup is a leading provider of carrier neutral data centres and has a marketing focus on attracting new business customers from outside Europe. Aimed at executives and prospective customers, the Telecities guides are physical city guides that provide information about key European digital hubs, including Paris, Dublin, Milan and London.


The Democratic Lecture, for A Unified Theory of Everything, by Music

The Democratic hands over the decision of the lecture content to those who will sit through it – the audience. Attendees can vote on content topics through a website, to get a bespoke lecture. The book of the project contains all 40 lectures, all delivered in an honest, accessible and at times profane tone of voice.


Wine Grapes, for Allen Lane, by Here Design

Wine Grapes, published by Allen Lane, explores the DNA of wine grapes and how they are related to each other. The book is 1240 pages – the maximum length that can be bound as a single volume. It is bound in cloth with a matching slipcase, foilblocked in two colours. The text is set in two colours with a colour chart for grape identification, and the book has two marker ribbons, in dark red and olive green.


Stereotypology/IE, by Falmouth University and Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

A collaboration between University College Falmouth in the UK and Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Stereotypology/IE is an investigation into the private lives of national stereotypes. Stereotypes were explored and the resulting work was collated and displayed in a 256-page publication. The development and book design was jointly conducted by students from both universities.

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