New Supermundane show Super-Alpha

Type wizard Rob Lowe, who operates as Supermundane, is taking new show Super-Alpha to the gallery of photography brand Lomography.


For Super-Alpha, carefully composed letterforms become frames for freehand doodling within, and together form a sans-serif typeface.

Lowe says, ‘Coming from a graphic design background I’ve always had a love of typography. The alphabet is an amazingly resilient code that can take a huge amount of abstraction while still being recognisable to us.


‘The core letter-shapes can be seen as frames that can be clothed in endless ways. I have a preference for bold, simple letters and coupling that with my signature drawing style was a very natural progression.’

Over a 20-year career, Lowe has garnered a reputation as an artist, graphic designer, typographer, illustrator and writer.


Last year he exhibited work exploring line, colour, depth and movement and now Super-Alpha extends Lowe’s typographic investigations further.

Super-Alpha – An Exhibition by Supermundane takes place at Lomography East London, 117 Commercial Street, E1 and runs from 6-28 June

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