AKQA and innovate7 create musical social network

Consultancies AKQA and innovate7 have worked on new social network Tunepics, which lets users feature a song with every image they share.


Tunepics is the brainchild of innovate7 founder Justin Cooke, a former marketing chief at Topshop and Burberry. Cooke says the aim of the network is to ‘allow [users] to perfectly capture the emotion behind every moment of their lives’.

Tunepics works by allowing users to search from more than 35 million songs to feature with their images, using any keyword – such as ‘rain’, ‘love’ and ‘happy’.


The music used is a 30-second preview clip from iTunes, and users are also given an option to buy the song on iTunes.

Each post can be shared through Tunepics or other social networks.


Users can also use an ‘emotion wheel’ to express how they feel about each post by selecting a colour to represent their emotions.

The colours also appear as coloured ‘mood charts’ beneath each post.


The coloured ‘emotion wheel’ also forms the identity and app icon for Tunepics.

The Tunepics design team says the identity is also inspired by ‘the Fontana Modern Masters colour wheel, early circular emotion maps, the classic vinyl record and the lens of a camera’.


Cooke says, ‘I’ve always had a fascination with music, colour, images and the weather and how they influence our mood and emotions. I want people to be able to share the depth behind the moments they experience and to articulate all the ones that they dream of having.’

Tunepics is available to download for free for the iPhone and iPad. An Android version is scheduled for release later this year.

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