Das Irrlicht

Hans Hillmann’s film posters

German graphic artist Hans Hillmann, who died in May, designed cinema posters for films including Pickpocket and The Seven Samurai and was a prolific award-winner on continental Europe.


The week in design

Our most-read stories of the week 1. We talk to DesignStudio founders Paul Stafford and Ben Wright about building a 40-strong consultancy in five years, maintaining design integrity and rebranding

Frida San Angel, 1941

Made in Mexico

Frida Kahlo can be credited for bringing a few looks to prominence – namely the monobrow, and the rebozo – or classic Mexican shawl.

Tracey Emin

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair

The strange yet oddly familiar merging of wheeler-dealer tradesmanship and high-art is once again retuning to an east London car park, courtesy of Vauxhall’s annual Art Car Boot Fair.

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