Das Irrlicht

Hans Hillmann’s film posters

German graphic artist Hans Hillmann, who died in May, designed cinema posters for films including Pickpocket and The Seven Samurai and was a prolific award-winner on continental Europe.


The week in design

Our most-read stories of the week 1. We talk to DesignStudio founders Paul Stafford and Ben Wright about building a 40-strong consultancy in five years, maintaining design integrity and rebranding Airbnb. Video: Rio 2. Marking two years to go until the Rio 2016 Olympics, the organisers have unveiled the ‘look’ of the games – showing […]

Frida San Angel, 1941

Made in Mexico

Frida Kahlo can be credited for bringing a few looks to prominence – namely the monobrow, and the rebozo – or classic Mexican shawl.

Tracey Emin

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair

The strange yet oddly familiar merging of wheeler-dealer tradesmanship and high-art is once again retuning to an east London car park, courtesy of Vauxhall’s annual Art Car Boot Fair.

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Jaywing creates branding for cultural initiative Hull 2017

Consultancy Jaywing has created the place branding for Hull 2017, the initiative marking the northern city’s status as UK City of Culture. The logo is an “H” shape constructed out of a series of geometric lines, used against a colourful palette of purple, green, yellow, blue and pink. Gavin Shore, creative director at Jaywing, says […]