The slice

Taking the architectural cross-section as its starting point, an upcoming exhibition at the Architectural Association in London takes a sometimes gory look at what can be revealed by a swift slice through a surface.

The Slice: Cutting to See, brings together models, apparatus and objects that encourage the viewer to look beyond surfaces to ‘uncover hidden structures and open new views’.

A cross-section of a frog
Ai Weiwei's skull

Some of these new views include an anatomical specimen of a frog, with its innards displayed for all to see and MRI images of a brain hemorrhage suffered by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei after he was beaten by police in Chengdu.

Ai Weiwei’s skull

The AA says, ‘The exhibition… encourages the voyeur to look beyond surfaces, delve deeper to explore hidden structures and provide fascingating insights across disparate fields and historical moments.’


The Slice: Cutting to See – Guillotines and Scalpals Provide Unique Opportunity to Reveal Unexpected Views, runs at the Architectural Association, London WC1, from 20 November-15 December.

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  • Dennis Salvatier November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    This is really fascinating.

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