Campbell Hay brands The Long Table night market

Campbell Hay design consultancy has created the visual identity for The Long Table night food market, in east London’s Dalston.

The Long Table, which will run every Friday night until Christmas, is a collaboration between social enterprise charity and  development trust Bootstrap Company and The Loft Project, which organises supper clubs in the area.

The Long Table logo

Campbell Hay was appointed to the project following previous work with the Bootstrap Company and The Loft Project.

Campbell Hay co-founder Charlie Hay, says, ‘We wanted to express the idea of a convivial gathering of informal food vendors. Once we had the name we thought about how we could roll it out as an identity project.’

The black, grey and mustard-yellow identity uses a number of changeable icons such as wine bottles and salt and pepper shakers – that can be realigned depending on the identity’s application.

The branding is shown across all collateral including posters, flyers, email communications and the website, which was also designed by Campbell Hay.

Hay says, ‘We wanted to have a set of components that work with the idea of the long table, which extends across the website. We created a set of illustrated elements to punctuate the table, and the colours differentiate it as a night market, rather than a day market. It needed to reflect the night time vibe and be a bit sultry, but the colour punctuates it and gives it a bit of a lift.’

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