Why enter awards? By Vince Frost

In this guest blog, Vince Frost of Frost Design makes the case for entering design awards schemes.

Vince Frost
Vince Frost

Creatives are generous by nature. We all give of ourselves with every project we do. For most creatives we would do what we do for free in a desire to add value to the world. 

Why does it matter to be recognized by your peers? It creates a positive momentum that it worth more than the award itself – recognition gives you confidence, attracts people to your business, helps to demonstrate the possibilities of how to respond to a brief and more.

I have judged at D&AD and many competitions around the world.

I still get very excited when I see outstanding ideas. It makes my heart jump and I feel a connection with the creator.

The first time I entered for a D&AD award, it cost more to enter than we’d made on the job – the photographing and the posting alone rack up. But it was worth it – the recognition you receive when you get in the book is enormous, and the work we got off the back of it massively outweighed the cost. For designers, the cost of entry can be less than £100, so you’re looking at the decision between a pair of G-Star jeans or the chance for global stardom – I know what I’d go with. 

D&AD and other awards schemes recognise the blood, sweat and tears in the act of creating magic. Equally they can spot a wasted opportunity, and allow it to shine. 

There is no excuse for bad ideas or average design no matter what medium you work in. They are the solutions that fall short through excuses of lack of time, money, resources etc. A lack of big-picture thinking and lack of determined engagement are the main reasons why there is so much crap in the world. Whatever it takes, let’s collectively keep the shared passion alive for bringing magic into this world.

I believe that entering D&AD and other awards and being recognised for your genius is one of the most important ways of getting global exposure. It helps fast-track careers and puts you on the map.

At the time of the inception of D&AD 50 years ago the world had 2.5 billion people; and in 2005, the world had 6.5 billion. The creative industry in the UK makes up almost 8 per cent of GDP – more than the financial services. It’s more competitive than ever before and we all need to stand out from a very crowded environment.

This is a career for life – so live it to its full potential.

The D&AD Awards are now open for entry at: www.dandad.org/50fwd

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  • Stephanie Brown November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    While there’s definitely a place for creative awards in terms of raising reputation within our own industry, employee recognition, and talent attraction, I would also suggest that agencies aim for effectiveness awards as these are most often the ones prospective clients pay attention to. A 2-pronged awards strategy assures you of capturing the hearts and minds of all your audiences.

  • Jon Walters November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Awards are all very well and it is great to be recognised by yours peers etc. You mention costs ‘can be less than £100’ and fair enough that is the same as a pair of G Star jeans. But when some award entrance costs are getting close to £600 is the very best creative work always being judged?

    There is great work out there that sadly wont get recognition for the sake of the competition entry fee. Creativity and its success is not measured on how much money you earned for the work done. You could say that there is paying the entrance fee is just like buying an award with which to PR yourself.

    So, I for one hope one day there is an award which genuinely searches out and rewards THE best talent for simply being the best… without asking for any money.

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