7up Free rebranded as a drink for non-conformists

Sugar Free drink 7up Free has repositioned around “non-conformity, originality and wit” and new cans and bottles have been redesigned in-house by the PepsiCo’s Design and Innovation Centre.

7up Feels Good to Be You campaign

The rebrand will see a global roll out beginning with the UK and Ireland before the end of November.

PepsiCo’s Design and Innovation Centre is behind the strategy, as well as a new visual identity and an integrated marketing campaign.

A spokeswoman for the company says: “Building on our brand’s authentic equity and history, our new branding stays true to 7up’s witty, naturally confident character.

“With PepsiCo’s newly established Design & Innovation Center at the helm of the global 7up brand refresh, we’re excited to reveal a brand proposition and visual identity that builds upon the brand’s authentic and iconic equities, while capturing the contemporary evolutions of style and design and staying true to 7up’s witty and lighthearted character and tonality.”


Meanwhile the multi-channel Feels Good to Be You campaign will roll out to more than 140 countries and will include two ads – one about Magda Sayeg, a guerilla knitter, and the other about Marty Cooper an animator and cartoonist.

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