Quinine Design creates Orange store ‘experience’

Quinine Design has designed a new Orange Multimedia Store focused on ‘experience’ instead of selling, which opens in Milton Keynes today.

The consultancy, which has been retained by Orange since 2007, worked up a brief with the telecoms company to help define multimedia and agreed to create a store that would ‘show local communities how technology can effect their lives’, according to Ian Johnston, creative director at Quinine Design. 

‘We’ve changed the dynamic of their stores by designing something that is not focused on selling,’ Johnston says.

The store, which sits in the Midsummer Arcade shopping mall, has no shop window or frontage with point of sale.

‘There’s a big screen at the front of the store and the space between public and private has been blurred,’ says Johnston, who has brought interactive elements to the front of the space, thus ‘inverting the Apple model’, he says.

Johnston, whose background is in product and industrial design, concedes that there is traditional and typographical design in the store, but says everything else is based on a three-tier ‘posture’ concept.

Phones hang down from the ceiling, allowing customers to stand. Other interactive elements will encourage people to lean forward, and high-backed pods have been designed to create a ‘home’ environment for screen-based and gaming experiences.

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  • fardad November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    i believe the designer’s name is johnston, not johnstone.

  • alasdair November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am


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