Seymour Powell brands verruca treatment

Seymour Powell has created the branding and packaging for a new verruca treatment produced by Passion for Life Healthcare.

The consultancy was appointed directly in March with a brief to make the brand appealing to a wide range of customers and to package the product in a way that highlighted the ease of application.

The name Peditech Actifreeze was chosen and the logo employs concentric rings with the dot of the ‘i’ picked out in red to emphasise the targeted nature of the treatment. The applicator is displayed prominently through a window in the packaging.

Both applicator and packaging use a silver and blue colour scheme to give a ‘premium but accessible’ feel. The benefits of the treatment are highlighted in pink, beneath a bold ‘new generation’ message to make the product stand out.

Seymour Powell account director Anna Amos says, ‘The challenge was to target mothers, who buy most verruca treatments, without excluding other customers.’

Amos believes that this has been achieved by the ‘clinical look and feel’ of the packaging and the ‘easy-to-understand branding’.

Peditech Actifreeze launches this month.

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