Anthony Burrill works on oil spill poster

Graphic designer Anthony Burrill has designed a poster to raise funds for the clean-up operation following April’s BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Burrill was commissioned by communications agency Happiness Brussels to produce the limited-edition poster.

Money raised by the poster will be given to Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, a charity which is working to repair the coastline after the disaster.

The poster, which is made of leaked crude oil gathered from the beaches of Grand Isle in the US state of Louisiana, features bold print reading ‘Oil & Water Do Not Mix’. Half the type is shown above the water line, and the other half is reversed out of the oil-coloured waves, to show that oil should not be there, says Burrill.

He adds, ‘“Oil & Water Do Not Mix” is a basic and straightforward phrase, but because the posters are printed in oil from the spill it has a strong resonance and importance.

‘There is a perception among many people that the oil in the Gulf of Mexico is just going to somehow disappear and nothing could be further from the truth.’

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