Further brands financial software company

Further has renamed and rebranded Luxembourg-based financial software company IGEFI to become Multifonds.

The consultancy won a joint pitch this summer with two of its sister agencies: Fishburn Hedges, which has designed a PR campaign, and Brew, which has designed a new website.

Multifonds is a piece of software, made by IGEFI which allows fundmanagers to track their investment funds across territories.

Research showed Further that the company was perceived as ‘invisible’ and obscured by the Multifonds brand according to Further creative director James Beveridge, who sought to give the Mutifonds name prominence in the rebrand.

Beveridge says a ‘double triangle’ has been created as a visual device which ‘helps makes  connections’ across the brand language, especially across ‘a gridwork of maps.’

Packaging ‘which picks up on the triangular device’, exhibition communications,  a brochure and print communications have been designed and will roll out in the next few weeks, according to Beveridge.

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