Guggenheim and BMW launch travelling design labs

The Guggenheim Foundation and BMW Group have announced their partnership in a global design initiative which will see ‘travelling laboratories’ tour major cities over a six-year period.

Three ‘movable structure’ designs will be developed, each with its own graphic identity.

Japanese architect Atelier Bow-wow and South Korean graphics consultancy Sulki and Min have already been appointed to work on the first lab, which will launch in North America in summer 2011 before travelling to Europe and Asia.

Each lab will tour in consecutive two-year cycles. The programme has been initiated to engage ‘a new generation of leaders’ in design, architecture, art, science, technology and education organisers.

In each city a four-person team of professionals will conduct research and development and create designs around a given theme.

The first theme will be ‘Comforting Comfort: The City and You – how urban environments can be made more responsive to people’s needs’ in the context of ‘the urgent need for environmental responsibility and sustainability’.

Events and educational programmes are planned for the labs, where workshops, performances and public discussions will take place.

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