Science Museum could host LDF events

The Science Museum could be brought into the fold more directly at next year’s London Design Festival.

Creative director of the Science Museum Tim Molloy says he has spoken to LDF director Ben Evans and expressed an interest ‘as design and technology are part of our remit’. Molloy adds, ‘It’s important that we demonstrate the Science Museum could be a venue for that next year.’

His comments follow a Voxpop response on LDF highlights in this week’s Design Week, where Molloy says, ‘Only now do I realise these could all show at the Science Museum – maybe next year?’

Molloy says that much of the design from the festival comes under the museum’s remit and that ‘small-scale temporary installations’ are well suited to it. 

This year’s highlights for Molloy included Hye-Yeon Park’s ‘captivating breathing clock’ Inbetween Time at the Royal College of Art’s Design Products Collection, the ‘hands-on materials table’ at 100% Materials, Katrin Baumgarten’s ‘deliciously hairy’ Aesthetics of Disgust and Dorkbot Bristol’s ‘amazingly sensitive draughtsman robot’ at Block.

Molloy also enjoyed ‘watching curators making an exhibition of their craft – [such as] the Everyday Delights show by JJAM at Tent’.

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