Tag creates hospital passports for people with diabetes

Cambridge-based consultancy Tag has created patient hospital passports for people with diabetes for the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust.

The passport has been created to give medical staff details of a patient’s condition and medication as they enter hospital, even if the patient is unconscious or unable to communicate the needed information.

Tag began working on the project in July, after it was approached by the trust following previous projects, including IDDT’s branding and print collateral.

The consultancy was briefed to create a passport that would be easy for patients to understand – because they are to fill in the information themselves – and easy to read, especially as some diabetic patients lose their sight because of the condition.

The A5-sized passport, which will be available to all 12 000 IDDT members by the end of the month, features a colour palette based on the trust’s logo.

Tag account director Simon Wheeler says, ‘The passport has been designed for a hospital visit. It’s conveniently suitcase- or bag-sized and has a laminated cover as it may be well-thumbed, so it needed to have a long shelf-life.’

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