Chances, Choices, Chases

Based around the idea that we can’t find time to read any more, these alternative book covers by artist Jennie Ottinger paint a snap-shot of a scene within.

Auction Scene from Vanity Fair
Auction Scene from Vanity Fair

Rather then present characters as individuals Ottinger looks at them as archietypes, often using costume, props and settings to hint at their identity.

Great Expectations
Great Expectations

Not happy with all that plot development, tension and pathos,  Ottinger has also cut into the book’s pages to place a synopsis inside its hollow,  in the same way a prisoner might hide a nail file.

Table For One Scene from Anna K
Table For One Scene from Anna Karenina

Bound together by glue and perhaps the hope they are serving a new purpose, the original pages are stuck together.

Rather then a synopsis, Ottinger is in fact ‘creating an even more succinct summary – the plot and character descriptions stripped down to their bare essentials,’ say organisers.

They add, ‘Her adaptations of the stories allow the reader the pleasure of absorbing the main points from the novel in a mere few minutes.’

Vanity Fair cover
Vanity Fair cover

The title, Chances, Choices, Chases, is a further contraction of what is found within and apparently ‘draws parallels to the critical crossroads in our own lives where we are forced to make decisions and thereby live with  outcomoes,’ according to organisers.

Anna K cover
Anna Karenina cover

We think it’s set to be a sure-fire hit with art lovers, sadists, busy people, and A-level English students looking for something a bit meatier then York Notes.  

Chances, Choices, Chases runs from 28 October – 3 December at the Eleven gallery, on 11 Eccleston Street, London,  SW1W

I'm an open book
I’m an open book
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  • Caspar November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Big books too long? Plots too boring? Fear not. Artist Jennie Ottinger is here to help. She can draw, but not spell. Design Week, however, can’t even write coherently. How delightful.

    Seriously, Design Week – think about your content, rather than chucking out any old shit.

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