Ico designs digital wayfinding for Science Museum

Ico has designed a digital wayfinding system for The Science Museum which will be used in tandem with traditional wayfinding to draw visitors to live activity around the museum.


Following a pitch in July the consultancy was asked to ‘make people realise what is happening on each floor of the museum,’ according to Ico digital partner Steve Lloyd.

From today 22 screens are being installed around the museum – with a further 20 planned – using content created by the museum for online to detail live events, showing different information depending on where each screen is located.

The screens will ‘augment’ the physical maps that they sit next to says Lloyd who felt integrating mapping onto the screens ‘would have overwhelmed people.’

Content is displayed within a template – one version of which has been created for promotional content on adjacent screens. Functionality can be edited by the museum’s in-house team as the system is ‘flexible and totally automated’ according to  Lloyd. 

The interface look is led by guidelines set out in Johnson Banks’ rebrand which launched in July last year. (https://www.designweek.co.uk/johnson-banks-creates-identity-for-science-museum/3014908.article)

Bottletop is providing moving content for the screens, which includes footage, animation and motion graphics sitting within the ICO designed signage.

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