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‘Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us’, quipped Oscar Wilde.

Andreas Blank

Taking Memory as its theme, London’s Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery has opened an exhibition featuring an array of contemporary sculptures from artists including Roberto Almagno, Mar Arza, Andrea Blank, Leonardo Drew, Steve Goddard,Kaarina Kaikkonen, Nicola Samori, and Rossana Zaera.

Memoria 1997 2000 legno cm
Roberto Almagno, Memoria 1997-2000

Among the highlights are the titular Memory piece by Roberto Almagno. Working only with wood collected from the forests outside Rome, his native city, Almagno creates arresting pieces with a sense of fluidity and movement.

Leonardo Drew

Spanish artist Mar Azra has taken the idea of memory in a philosophical context, exploring its inherent ideas of time and transience. Often working in text, paper and stone, the two pieces she has created for Memory are formed from sand, referencing the constant passage of time as the hands of the clock rotate, creating delicate circles.

TRAZAS detail Arza
Mar Arza, Trazas detail

Spazio Visivo’s installation piece is a four-metre wall mounted form and soundscape, Icona. The duo – sculptor Paolo Cavinato and composer, Stefano Trevisi – has created the piece from sixty boxes of various sizes that are either painted or contain photographic and other images relating to the disappearing city of old Berlin.

Visivo icona1
Spazio Visivo, Icona

The visual element is accompanied by recorded sounds from around the city, providing an eerie icon to the memory of the city.

Nicola Samori’s piece is equally haunting – a figurative piece based on the deconstructed representations of 17th century classical Italian sculpture and painting.

Nicola Samori Inconnum 2011

 Memory will be showing from 7 October  – 3 December at the Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery 37 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NZ

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