Voxpop – What snack food keeps your studio going?

Greggs the baker, purveyor of pasties and sausage rolls, is launching a new coffee shop offer. What is the favourite snack food in your studio?


‘Greggs is the unsung hero of the high street. But sadly there isn’t a branch in hot-to-trot-Hoxton, so we have to revert to other options. Our snacks are weather-dependent. We have an account nearby where we can access reams of Cornetto for warm afternoons, we enjoy fingers of fudge for more autumnal evenings and when we know we are in for a big day, porridge often can be found at desks around Someone HQ. However the snack we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy recently is a pistachio/cashew combo married with a glass of pitch-won Champagne…’

Simon Manchipp, founder, Someone


‘We’re based in Cornwall, so it’s no surprise that the Cornish pasty is  an obvious choice for lunch at Nixon. Indeed our home town of Hayle  boasts five (yes five – I can’t believe it either!) individual shops  selling different varieties of pasties within a five-minute walk from  the studio. So the dilemma I face is not just “shall I have a pasty  for lunch today?” it’s often “which make of pasty shall I have?” For  what it’s worth my favourite variety is currently from Hampson’s- they  make great pies too!’

Martin Nixon, managing director, Nixon Design


‘We’re ardent snack lovers in our studio but we’re really nuts about nuts – Sainsbury’s dry-roasted peanuts to be exact. We’re told that although filled with fat and a mostly red nutrition wheel, they are low-GI brain-feeding morsels that are perfect to munch on while being creative. Tom, one of our designers, is the main nut supplier and a trip over to his desk often involves scuttling back with a handful of delicious nuts to nibble.’

Ruth Watson, copywriter, Raw


‘We had a snack trolley with snack bars and crisps that used to tour the tower we work in but they stopped coming to us because no one used it. But most of us here snack on apples, bananas and carrots with hummus plus other brain foods. It means we can switch off the lights and work in the dark… like rabbits… and bats… and deep-sea mammals.’

Marksteen Adamson, Partner, Arthur Steen Home Adamson


‘It all depends on external conditions but the top five choices would be:
1. Mint magnum
2. Starbar
3. Cinnamon swirl
4. Bacon roll
5. Reluctantly fruit.’

Steve James-Royle, creative director, The Yard


‘We have a breakfast to start the week every Monday morning… so we gather around and have coffee, juice and cake! And I talk (er shout) about last week’s/this week’s events, whilst everyone scoffs away. But I’m not sure if that’s our agency favourite food… most people are still waking up!’

Franco Bonadio, chief executive, Identica

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  • jamie stone November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    At the GSK Nutritionals mother-ship, somewhere is deepest Brentford, the modern and sane choice is Graze. Lots of selection, healthy (sort of), comes directly to your desk and local industry (Twickenham).

    That said, if anyone has been to OZ recently, then a stash of Cherry Ripe might be lurking about. That is just about as good a chocolate bar can get!

  • Rebecca Sharman November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Here at Innovare Design – on the edge of Greenwich – we are quite literally starved of interesting eateries within walking distance. If we need a snack in a hurry then leftovers are frequently king in our kitchen. Today Mark’s reheated meatballs were “quite frankly delicious” while Lloyds back of the fridge houmous still packed a punch. Perhaps we should term our no waste food policy ‘eco-eating’? But then again, what about all those bacon butties from the local cafe!

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