Whybrow Wayfinding launches “eyebrow” identity

Consultancy TEMPLO has created a new identity for Whybrow Wayfinding, which uses an eyebrow shape formed from a deconstructed question mark.

TEMPLO has been founded by creative director Pali Palavathanan, who formerly worked at Johnson Banks and IDEO.

Palavathanan says: “Our starting point for the brand was to reflect the specialised nature of Whybrow’s work and warm personality in a visually distinctive way.”

He adds: “Deconstructing a question mark to form the pupil and eyebrow for their logo asserts their insight and clear-thinking.”

The new identity also uses a series of vector field patterns, which aim to reference Whybrow’s analysis of space and the flow of people within them.

The new Whybrow website, which has been developed with Made By Cloud, uses a series of icons based on wayfinding vernacular to navigate the user through the site.

As part of the rebrand, Whybrow Wayfinding also changed its name from Whybrow Signing Consultants, while a “vibrant” green colour was introduced to the palette. The new identity comes as Whybrow prepares to mark its tenth anniversary next year.

Whybrow Wayfinding has worked for clients including the British Museum, Tate Britain and King’s College London.

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