Opinions on Interiors

Snog outlet in London’s Soho; Westfield London concession, designed by Cinimod Studio and Ico Design; and interior featuring wall graphics by Ico Design illustrator

Rough gems

As a reclaimed, bespoke look is taking the world of shop design by storm, both at the luxury end and in more humble contexts, Emily Pacey is right on the pulse of the latest in retail and restaurant spaces – with a sneaky glance at some office environments, too. Exposed bricks, hewn boards and original murals will take you far, it seems

Wallcoverings featuring images of tuxedoed Island Records artists, for the record company’s

Antony Baglioni, Business development director

Adding large-scale graphics in the workplace can be a wonderful opportunity to create inspirational and personalised office environments that is just the right fit for a whole range of clients – be they energy providers, law firms or record companies, as in the case studies presented here

Visual boost

Involving staff in the process of livening up anonymous corporate premises with some smart visual elements is a great move, argues Scott Billings, and powerful environmental graphics work wonders for colleges and universities too – but beware of just deploying your logo writ large on the walls

Design Café with Bene furniture in Brno, Slovakia

Sonja Mayrhofer Marketing manager Bene

Collaboration is vital to boost morale and maximise productivity, but you need to create the right environment for these creative interchanges to happen. So here’s how we can find a way of working together like never before – with a little help from some ingenious furniture solutions

Out in the open

Open-plan offices may be great for teamwork and collaboration, but they can let you down when it comes to providing privacy and space for sustained concentration. Jeremy Myerson looks at a range of measures that can be taken to improve our workplaces – and our wellbeing in the office and beyond to boot

Pick-up joints

Retail interiors are changing rapidly, becoming increasingly flexible spaces to accommodate more fluid and far-reaching product ranges and incorporate new features in the store environment, such as areas for collecting goods bought online. Matthew Valentine takes stock of the latest trends in the shopping arena

Opinions on Interiors

It has been pretty quiet on the interiors front for the past few years, with the property and retail worlds both in decline. But adversity hasn’t stopped interior and retail designers becoming ever more ingenious, often making the best out of very little to create new offers for consumers and enhancing experiences in the workplace. […]

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