Prototyping & Modelling Supplement


Top models

Architectural model-making is like being a musician, where interpreting a score is fundamental, says Richard Armiger. Anna Richardson talks to the veteran in the field about the early days and


Shaping luxury

How do you achieve that hand-crafted, bespoke feel of premium packs?Using prototypes that are close to the finished product can ease the process of making the mass-produced look unique, says

The 2009 Nissan 370Z

Virtually real

In some areas, the traditional hand-crafted model is being edged out of the design process by on-screen visualisations. John Stones quizzes experts in three different fields on the potential of

LG Electronics

Same again?

Getting the design of a new product right before it reaches the market is essential, but over-reliance on consumer testing can often lead to ‘me too’ results. Scott Billings looks

motion capture

Rapid visions

Are designers ready to fully exploit the potential of automated digital manufacturing techniques? Anna Richardson talks to those who are embracing the possibilities they offer

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