BBC redesigns Focus magazine

The BBC is redesigning its science and technology magazine Focus.

The BBC is redesigning its science and technology magazine Focus.

The revamped title will sport a fresh look and feel, as well as a new logo, from October.

The new design has been created in-house, by BBC Focus art editor Steve Sayers, who worked closely with editor Jheni Osmond and publishers Andrew Davis and Andy Benham.

Focus’ new logo, which uses the Stag font, was the starting point of the six-month redesign, according to Sayers.

Osmond explains that the motivation behind the redesign was to bolster a period of increased circulation. ‘We decided it was going well, so let’s capitalise. The design had held it back before,’ she says.

Each page has been redesigned, resulting in fresh grids and enhanced colour. ‘What were complicated subjects in features have been cleaned up in the design,’ says Sayers.

The Bristol-based magazine will remain a newsstand publication with content unchanged, though it will feature more coverage of technological issues.

The new look will also be used across the Focus website, which is being worked on by another BBC in-house team.

The new look will be implemented for the October issue, published 25 September.

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