Glenn Tutssel calls for new foundation course structure

Glenn Tutssel, executive creative director of The Brand Union, has called for arts foundation courses to be restructured in order for graduates to have a more well-rounded education.

In a keynote speech at D&AD’s Xchange conference in London yesterday, Tutssel told the audience of designers and academics that there should be three-year foundation courses followed by a one-year specialism.

Tutssel tells Design Week, ‘I’ve been an assessor at arts colleges for a while, and am also involved with The Brand Union’s bursary scheme, so I am constantly working with students.

‘What I get from them is a feeling that the curriculum is so rigid that students don’t have time to experiment – for example, graphic designers should get a chance to work in photography or create a sculpture.’

Tutssel says his proposals were well-received by the crowd, with one member of the audience telling him he was ‘preaching to the converted’.

He adds, ‘What this needs now is a mini-debate or conference to take the issue forwards. There would be a lot of support from the design industry for reassessing the situation.’

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  • Jonathan Baldwin November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Actually we already have that. We call it a three year degree followed by a one-year masters.

    There’s also a two-year foundation degree which is designed in partnership with industry.

    That, ironically, is the one that is most rigid. But industry apparently wants people who are ‘skilled’ not ‘knowledgeable’. Personally I think a graphic design student should spend time learning about psychology, philosophy, languages and so on.

    No need for a conference on it. We have them year in year out and it’s frustrating. Academics have been wanting to do this for years – the resisters? Industry.

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