Cog brands I Value the Arts campaign

Cog Design has created the branding for the I Value the Arts campaign, led by the National Campaign for the Arts, which aims to give a voice to people who value the arts in their communities.

The campaign aims to give people a way to express their feelings about cuts to Government spending that will affect arts provision.

Louise de Winter, director of the NCA, says, ‘As the Government is encouraging us all to get engaged and create a “Big Society”, we believe it is important for those people who care about the arts to get involved in the decision-making about what their communities will look like.’

The campaign is based around a website –, designed by Cog – where people can register to keep in touch with news about arts provision locally and nationally, and get suggestions on how to strengthen the arts in their communities.

Cog has created an identity and website for the campaign, as well as collateral that can be used by people signing up to the initiative.

Consultancy director Michael Smith says Cog has donated all its work to the campaign, adding, ‘As the national press has run a number of stories about public money being used to fight against cuts… it’s very important that no public money has been spent on the campaign.’

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