Fetch A Sketch

For Ink Illustration, the process of illustration is a candid and personal one which shared through sketch books can be more revealing than finished works.


Rachel Gannon, Chloe Regan, and Fumie Kamjo started Ink Illustration as Royal College of Art graduates and now continue to work on commercial and personal projects.

endless pain

The sketches they present at The Wandering Line exhibition offer up ‘sketching as the ideal way of looking in the city’ says Gannon who feels the method allows them as ‘flaneurs’ to be speculative aesthetes, happening across city narratives.

small faces

Gannon also describes the sketches of all three artists as ‘internal dialogues’ or ‘autobiographical’  accounts but says Regan’s work is about ‘observing and documenting’ and that she sees Kamijo as ‘more of a diarist’ with herself ‘somewhere inbetween.’


Some of the images have been blown up as screen prints  and a 3D city-scape model has been designed using sketches and cardboard.

Man Ray

The Wondering Line by Ink Illustration will be exhibited at the Tenderpixel gallery, 10 Cecil Court, London,  WC2N from 29 September – 22 October

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