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Whitton Wisdom

Stuart Whitton picks the phone up, having just done ‘two all-nighters’ finishing off work, and now 40 pieces have gone off to the framers, giving him a few days grace before his exhibition Origin starts.  The first Solo exhibition from Welsh illustrator Whitton brings with it some weighty collaborations, a lot of new work, and […]

Fuseproject and Sycip's design

Bike to the future

The Oregon Manifest Construction Design Challenge in the US charged designers with ‘redefining’ the bicycle – ideas that came back featured sound systems, motors and passenger seats. Entrants to the challenge were tasked with designing and building a new bicycle and then road-testing it on a rigorous on- and off-road course. Running alongside alongside the […]

Heather and Ivan Morison ‘Sleepers Awake’: showing construction of ‘Night Sun’

Night Sun

When you receive news of an art installation accompanied with the aside – ‘ the civil aviation authority has been notified’ – you know it’s going to be something pretty special. Sleepers Awake, by Heather and Ivan Morison, is a huge celestial body, which will appear in the sky over Kent tomorrow night, creating an […]

Restricted Access - Dawn Youll

Stoked about ceramics

This weekend sees the opening of the British Ceramics Biennial, celebrating Blighty’s finest contemporary ceramics. This is the second Biennial, and the event will span six weeks of exhibitions, site-specific installations and artist residences; as well as inviting participants to create responses to the industrial and architectural heritage of its Stoke-On-Trent home. The festival hub […]

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Instrmnt D-01 X Risotto composite © Instrmnt and Future Positive Studio

Scottish design is “fresh, playful and exciting” in this new exhibition

Stacey Hunter is the director of Local Heroes – a new initiative which looks to dispel outdated ideas of Scottish design.

Its first exhibition and shop will take place at Edinburgh Airport’s plaza this August, and will showcase contemporary design from nine, talented Scottish designers.

We speak to Hunter about the importance of giving Scottish design a global presence, and her inspiration behind using the airport as her canvas…