Waitrose launches Food, Fashion & Home offer

Waitrose has opened its first-ever Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home store, with design work led by an in-house team working with Interstore and Schweitzer for interiors and Household for wayfinding and signage.


The 7000m2 store – Waitrose’s largest in the UK – opens today in Canary Wharf following a £15 million refurbishment project.

The three-floor store will sell food and drink, alongside homeware, furnishings, fashion and beauty products. It is the first store to carry the Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home branding.

Julie Oxberry, managing director at Household, which worked on wayfinding and signage throughout the store, says, ‘We started by identifying four design principles; guide me, show me, inspire me and more ideas for me, these principles would underpin the extended role of in-store communications, delivering the right experience to the customer.’

She adds, ‘We then broke down the key components of the Canary Wharf shopper’s experience, for example the food manifested itself as “lunch made easy” and “weekly shop made easy”, with a feel that is vibrant and pacey.’

Sigrid Brewka-Steeves, manager of interior design development for Waitrose, says the new design is ‘inspired by its unique demographic profile and location’ and brings together products from Waitrose and brand-owner John Lewis.

Brewka-Steeves says the new design uses a ‘fresh, bright, contemporary tone’, with consistent hand-writing and materials used in different contexts in different departments.

Timber from sustainable sources is used, alongside lacquered steel, ceramics, laminated MDF, glass and powder-coated metal.

Back-of-house work began in March, with in-store refurbishment starting in May.

Brewka-Steeves adds, ‘Canary Wharf is the highest-selling and largest branch in the Waitrose estate. Rebranding it Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home branding underpins this and a unique and tailored home and fashion offer.’

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