There’s no shortage of help available for designers and clients keen to up their sustainability game. Here’s Design Week’s guide to information sources, plus a calendar of upcoming Green-related events

Organisations and websites

British Design Innovation
As the trade organisation for industrial designers, service designers and innovation professionals, British Design Innovation last year published new standards establishing the procedures for designing more sustainable electrical products.

Centre for Sustainable Design
The Centre for Sustainable Design organises conferences and workshops, and undertakes research and training projects on eco-product
development and sustainable product design.

Design Council
The Design Council is the UK’s strategic body for design, offering resources and case studies on different sustainability issues.

A programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, D-Lab fosters the development of appropriate technologies and sustainable solutions within the framework of international development. Its mission is to improve the quality of life in low-income households through the creation and implementation of low-cost technologies.

Eco Design Centre Wales
The Eco Design Centre Wales is an applied research organisation which aims to build capacity and capabilities to enable effective eco design.

Eco Labs
Eco Labs is a network of designers and visual artists who create materials, projects and programmes that support ecological literacy.

Forest Stewardship Council UK
The Forest Stewardship Council is dedicated to the responsible management of the world’s forests. It provides case studies and other resources on its website, including information on its certification programme.

Forum for the Future
Forum for the Futureis a non-profit organisation committed to sustainable development.

Green Products Innovation Institute
A non-profit organisation founded on the cradleto-cradle principles and certification programme defined by architect William McDonough and
chemist Dr Michael Braungart, the Green Products Innovation Institute focuses on transforming the making and consumption of products into a regenerative force for the planet.

Lovely as a
Lovely as a tree is a website that offers ’everything you need to know to be a more environmentally aware graphic designer’. Resources include paper and print workshops and listings of environmentally friendly printers.

O2 Global Network
O2 Global Network is an international network for everyone interested in sustainable design, with members involved in industrial design, architecture, graphic design, fashion, innovation and the arts.

Participle is a consultancy which employs design thinking to reform public services.

The Quiet Riot
The website The Quiet Riot celebrates solutions which are energy efficient, use renewable resources and are well-designed, aspirational
and sustainable.

Recycle Now
The website Recycle Now provides facts and figures on, and practical guides to, recycling.

Redesign’s work supports and promotes design that is responsible and friendly to people and the environment. It encourages clients to use
design to create positive and environmental change, and organises sustainable design exhibitions as well as workshops and seminars

Seed Foundation
The Social Environmental Enterprise and Design Foundation aims to boost the success of social and environmental enterprises through design.

The Social Design Site
The Social Design Site promotes social design online and organises exhibitions, conferences and lectures on the subject.

Sustainable Design Research Centre
The Sustainable Design Research Centre is the hub for sustainable design research in the faculty of art, design and architecture at Kingston University.

Virgin Unite
A non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group, Virgin Unite aims to tackle social and environmental problems with an entrepreneurial approach.

Waste & Resources Action Programme
The Waste & Resources Action Programme promotes the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way. It also offers online advice and resources, including information on recycled paper and guides on designing more sustainable packaging.


The Earth Awards
The Earth Awards provide a platform for visionary design ideas that offer solutions to the ecological and social challenges of the 21st century.
September – details to be announced

Green Awards 2010
The Green Awards recognise and reward creative work that communicates the importance of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and ethical best practice in any sector. 25 November, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7

Closing the Loop: Conserving Resources through Sustainable Design and Chemistry
This is the launch seminar by New Frontiers, an organisation supporting the development of sustainable design ideas. 7 July, University of Manchester, Renold Building, Manchester M13 9PL

One strand at this year’s Orgatec trade fair explores office concepts as a combination of design, sustainability and environmental ideas. 26-30 October, Cologne

Sustainable Innovation
Organised by The Centre for Sustainable Design at the University for the Creative Arts, Sustainable Innovation will discuss opportunities and challenges relating to the design, development and commercialisation of sustainable products, services, technologies and new business models.8-9 November, RDM Campus, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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