Tokyo 2020 Olympics competition – judges sift through 15,000 logos…

After launching a public competition for a new logo, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics organisers are now wading through nearly 15,000 entries.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympic organisers have received 14,599 entries after launching a public competition to find a logo for the Games.

After ditching its previous Kenjiro Sano-designed identity following a plagiarism row, the organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics launched a public competition to design a new logo – which is open to anyone from around the world.

The designer of the winning entry will receive a cash prize of JPY 1,000,000 (£5,500) and tickets to the opening ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Competition open to anyone

The competition ran from 24 November until 7 December, it was open to anyone over the age of 18 who is resident in Japan, while non-residents and children could still submit designs as part of a group entry as long as one person in the group meets the age and residence criteria.

The organisers say they received 12,900 individual entries and 1,699 group entries during the two-week period.

The winning logo design will be announced in spring 2016. The organisers say they will first check that the entries comply with format and design requirements.

Designer panel to oversee selection

Following that, the valid entries will be reviewed by the Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee – which comprises designers, broadcasters, athletes and lawyers – as well as a group of 20 additional professional designers.

The organisers say they are looking for identity designs that “symbolise the fact that the 2020 Games are being held in Tokyo and Japan, and elicit empathy with people across the world”.

The organisers add that while they would “like all applicants to give full rein to their imagination and creativity”, they would like the designs to feature at least one of the key concepts of “the power of sport”, typifying Tokyo and/or Japan”, “world peace”, “exerting the utmost efforts and striving to achieve a personal best”, “inclusivity”, innovation and futuristic” and “regeneration”.

“Fair, transparent process”

Ryohei Miyata, chairperson of the Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee, says: “We were delighted to receive such a huge number of applications and that so many people actively took part in the competition. I firmly believe the great passion shown by all applicants will serve to further drive the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games.

“It will be an extremely difficult task to select a single winning entry from among so many, but we will ensure that our selection process is fair, transparent and meets with general approval. I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on their designs and made the competition such a great success.”

The original Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic logos – created by Japanese designer Kenjiro Sano, were unveiled in July.

However, they were ditched only a few weeks later following a plagiarism row which saw Belgian designer Olivier Debie claim that the Tokyo identity is too similar to an identity he created for Theatre de Liege in 2011.

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