Women need to change too to close the gender gap

Further to Laura Snoad’s blog about women in design and gender inequality (www.designweek.co.uk/blog, 8 March), I don’t think it is lack of self-promotion. I think it is a case of the industry being dominated by men, and men are more likely to promote their fellow men than they are women.

It is very difficult to break into an already established male-dominated industry. In some areas of design, particularly graphic and Web design, it feels very much like a boys’ club.

There are a few respected female designers, but they have to be exceptional to get noticed, whereas there are plenty of average male designers who automatically seem to get respect and recognition just on the basis of their sex. A woman just does not get that head start in this industry.

For change to happen, it has to come from both sides. Women need more recognition in the industry from men, but they also need to promote themselves effectively. Women need to become more competitive and to establish themselves, like men do, as experts in the industry.

Jinny Ursell, Founder, Jin Design, by e-mail

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