Zigzag vibe

The bold use of zigzags, stripes and kaleidoscopic colours is instantly recognisable: they are the key design elements of fashion house Missoni. Created by husband and wife team Rosita and Ottavio, Missoni’s knitwear is inspired by the natural environment as well as fine art. The influence of the Modernist art of the likes of Tancredi, […]


Stephen Bayley’s latest book Woman as Design attempts to answer the hypothetical question, ‘If woman had been designed, what was the brief?’ If men had been designed, what do you think the brief would have been?

The Paul Smith Globe

News in Pictures

The Paul Smith Globe at Heathrow Terminal 5 is hosting a selection of photographs from cycling magazine Rouleur to mark this year’s Tour de France, which starts on Saturday. The exhibition runs from 3-26 July.

La Boca

News in Pictures

La Boca has designed the book and CD versions of Anna & The Witch’s Bottle by Geoff Cox, which features illustrations by Rohan Daniel Easton. Thelimited-edition title will be published by Black Maps Press in September.

Clive Grinyer

Making an impact

The design industry espouses sustainability, but eco-awareness has largely been driven by legislation and materials development. Designers must change the parameters of their practice if they want to make a difference, says Clive Grinyer

A bit of interest in communications wouldn’t go amiss

We recently wrote to a few organisations talking about design. This morning we had a phone call from a woman at one of these organisations, demanding that we remove her name from our list. Apparently, because they are a Government agency they’re ‘not interested in that sort of thing and don’t do communications’. Explains a […]

Give us progressive regulation and lots of cash, please

You recently posed the question, ‘What one issue would you put at the top of Lord Mandelson’s agenda as he takes charge of the new Department for Business, Innovation and Skills?’ (Voxpop, DW 18 June). My view is that design is a vital factor in business success. Market recovery – especially in housing and the […]

Professor Michael Braungart

Cradle-to-cradle is the way forward for design

It was great to see more high-profile coverage of sustainable design in your recent issue (Sustainable Design supplement, DW 18 June). If only we could get away from this word ‘sustainable’. You rightly include Professor Michael Braungart in your list of ‘good guys’. But he’s hardly an ‘advocate for sustainability’ – in fact, he’s scathing […]

We should adopt a professional stance on digital creativity

With regard to Lord Carter’s long-awaited Digital Britain report (Voxpop, DW 25 June), I’d suggest education should be at the heart of any policy changes needed to encourage digital creativity in the UK. The digital revolution is exciting and fast-paced, and its accessibility gives us all the ability to become the ‘next big thing’ in […]

Clifford D Field

Inspired – Emma Atkinson

Clifford D Field was David Ogilvy’s chief copywriter in the first Ogilvy & Mather New York office, and writer of some of the most elegant advertising of its time. He was a soldier in Field Marshal Montgomery’s Desert Rats in World War II, wrapped in a silk dressing gown which gave him courage. He went […]

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