Whole world or guilt-free? They’re the new Green

Any alternatives to the term ‘sustainability’ will be picked over and dismissed by many – it’s an issue that attracts widespread nit-picking (Voxpop, DW 28 May).

So, not expecting universal agreement, I suggest the ‘whole world’ movement.

You could see it as a name doomed to failure for sheer excess of ambition – but we need ambition in this area more than any other.

Otherwise, we’ll need to call it ‘hole world’.
John Simmons, Director, The Writer, by e-mail

Bandwagonism has devalued these buzzwords. Believe it or not, there are ‘Green’ armaments companies (lead-free bullets) and ‘ecofriendly’ sex toys (no phthalates).

‘Sustainability’ just sounds dry, woolly and unappealing. All we really want to know is whether we can buy something with a clear conscience, so I’d suggest ‘guilt-free’ as a label that really cuts to the chase.
Jim Davies, Writer and founder of Totalcontent, by e-mail

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