Design isn’t just the icing – it’s the cake

Clients can spend money on marketing or manufacture, but without design at the heart of a project it’ll surely fail, says Roger Mavity

  • Everything is designed, but good design makes a difference
  • When money is tight, get the design right and it will be easy to save on expenditure further down the line
  • The recession has barely started, so don’t cut back on spend now
  • No matter how much you spend on marketing or manufacture, your project will not succeed if you starve the design budget
  • The Millennium Dome was initially derided as an expensive white elephant, a lame-duck project, until O2 rescued it by creating a design to give it a sense of purpose as a thriving entertainment venue. Now nobody remembers the problems
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    • Robb Turner-Radford November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

      Excellent,relevant and poignant comment on the essence of the cake, and whether we will eat it or not! Thanks that helped!

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