04 March 2010

D&AD launch annual for public

D&AD is launching the ‘high-street’ version of its annual, which is for the first time available to the general public, rather than just to lucky D&AD members. The new annual, designed by Jeremy Leslie, joins Peter Saville and Luke Sanders’s members-only book, which was released last September. Saville and Sanders’s pimped-up version was unsurprisingly well-received […]

Enter the 2010 James Dyson Award

Got a bright idea for a revolutionary bagless vacuum cleaner, hand-dryer or bladeless fan? Well tough, because James Dyson’s already beaten you to it. But if you think you’ve found the solution to a problem no-one else realises exists, you could chance your arm at impressing the bag- and blade-phobic billionaire and enter the 2010 […]

Alpine legacy

Dramatic mountains, bouncing orphan Heidi, healthy cows and holey cheese are all powerful emblems of Switzerland. But why are these images as popular now as they were 100 years ago? That’s the question curator Cynthia Gavranic asks in the exhibition Paradies Schweiz (Paradise Switzerland), which opens at the Museum of Design in Zürich later this month.

1-4 courtesy Flos

Light bulb moments

As lighting technology develops, large-scale, functional schemes across architecture and the outdoors become more efficient and long-lasting, but what about the design of the humble lamp? Anna Richardson talks to designers about how the concept of light is changing

Dan Fern

Unfurling fronds

For more than a decade, Dan Fern has been a driving force in communication design at the Royal College of Art. Adrian Shaughnessy speaks to a selection of his former students – renowned for their self-reliance and autonomy – about the lasting impact that this commanding teacher has had on them

Logo for St George’s Crypt

Profile: St George’s Crypt

It’s difficult for a small charity to stand out among the bland corporate identities that dominate the sector, but St George’s Crypt has made a real impact with its latest annual report. Adrian Shaughnessy applauds its direct and honest approach


Brian Eno and Harrison & Co teamed up to create this year’s Brighton Festival identity. Which musicians do you think would bring the strongest creative direction to branding projects, and why?


We must keep our focus on the facts of sustainability

It was interesting to read Take Stock, Anna Richardson’s feature about the sustainable process (DW 11 February). Here at Bournemouth University we have launched a short course for business titled The Myth of Sustainability, so it’s always good to read contributions to this debate in the industry. The challenge for business is to understand the […]

Non-executives need design experience – and vision, too

If I could bring in anyone from outside the design industry as a non-executive director, who would I choose (Voxpop, DW 11 February)? A small business like ours can be nimble and respond quickly to opportunities while offering something new and unexpected. It can also make that small dream we all once had become a […]

There’s a fine line between familiarity and disrespect

I have worked for Phil Jones in person, and it is so true what he says about motivating his staff in his Business Insight (DW 18 February). He made sure that everyone’s ’emotional buckets’ were brimming. By giving everyone nicknames, he would demonstrate a closer affinity to his staff and show how well he knew […]

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