What would you like to see the London Design Festival and the London Festival of Architecture do to mark the Olympics in 2012?

For 21 days the Olympics channel diversity, passion, drive and talent. Behind the big heroes who have sacrificed four years to get the chance to become the best in the world, there must be mini-heroes – people who concentrate on optimising the smallest detail. I’d like a celebration of all the overlooked details – work from product to fabric, furniture and architecture. Cameras, trainer spikes, seating, architectural features, signage, gardens, gum shield – let’s celebrate the role of design in the sporting arena.
Sarah Groom, Creative director, The Gild

I’d like to see the London design and architecture festivals mark the Olympics by taking the lead in documenting the process of massive change currently happening in east London. By connecting people to the Olympic developments, the festivals can play an active and engaging role in supporting people though this transition. To remember how the area was and how it changed, and to embrace how it will be in the future, creating a sustainable community for all.
Nadia Pedreschi, Designer at Think Public and co-creator of Design Detail Trail

Collaborate to lobby, commission and create a series of skywalks like giant tentacles radiating out from the Olympic Park to all London venues and stretching as far as Weymouth and Hampden Park – solving transportation and celebrating British design through craftmanship to engineering. For one skywalk edifice, I would like to see Antony Gormley commissioned to integrate an Angel of the North-size statue of Dwain Chambers in an Atlas-like pose, entitled ’Second chance’.
Gregor Jackson, Managing director, GP Studio

Let’s plan a London Design Festival/London Festival of Architecture 2012 Olympic ’retrospective’. There’s amazing stuff already being created as venues come to life, communities plan their celebrations and the brand inspires more and more creative involvement and expression. The 2012 September festival will be the ideal opportunity to reflect on all aspects of a fantastic games – to record and express through the eyes of the creative community just what a spectacular spectacle it had been.
Roger Rundle, Creative partner, The Team

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