Inspired, Layton Reid – Ravensbourne College of Design and Communications

Originally, I thought I’d choose something from the all-encompassing Internet and talk about how inclusive it is. Then I remembered what made me believe that there was a place for me in this business – great ideas which push beyond the limits and question the status quo.

Why? Because design isn’t only about things, but also about politics, economics, society and life. I was going to pick Martin Luther King. Then I thought Muhammad Ali, both society and mindset designers.

Then I thought, let’s get real – David Gittens’ Ikenga MK III, the only real supercar, a 150mph dream for the 1960s and designed by a photographer. It looked like something from a Gerry Anderson sci-fi TV series of the 1970s. Then I thought the people of Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, whose formal attire has parallels with Issey Miyake’s designs. Both of these inspire creativity by operating in a flux, where disciplines and ideas overlap.

There is also a group of leading people in the creative industries called Creative Club, who want to make the flux possible, to activate creative talent in design schools, giving them a way of connecting with the real. They’re going to make a difference.

It’s not always about being successful now. Sometimes it’s about being involved, committed and just caring, and that inspires me.

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