Consumers trust packaging more than celebrities

Last month the National Consumer Council and AccountAbility published some research by Globescan showing that celebrity endorsement came only one place above direct mail leaflets as the least trustworthy source of consumer information. Interestingly, the research found that packaging came top of the the list of reliable information sources, which was up there with consumer watchdogs and ahead of friends and family or word of mouth.

This only confirms something that those of us who design brands and packaging already know, but which seems to be less well appreciated among many of the clients that we work for: good design and branding can add value and credibility to a product or service.

We need to use every possible opportunity to bang home the message of the effectiveness of design as a means of communication. Perhaps if we did, celebrities might get paid a little less and designers rather more.

Robin Joy, Director, Taylor Design, Richmond TW9 1AE

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