As the BBC prepares for its move to Salford and the impact of its strategy review, what major branding challenges do you think it faces and how should it address them?

I think that the BBC is one of our true national treasures in Great Britain. I belong to the group that thinks that the BBC should be privatised to give the other global broadcast organisations (mostly American) a real run for their money. Instead, the BBC has to compete with its hands tied to serve its public-service remit, respond to strategic reviews and endure endless scrutiny. Moving to Salford begs the question of what cost will be levied on the corporation to move from London, the epicentre of broadcast creativity. If this diminishes it or London, this is a loss for creativity and design. The greatest brand challenge remains for the BBC to take ownership of all the great things it does.

Liz Dunning, Partner, Dunning Penney Jones

The BBC faces the same branding challenges it has always faced – how to maintain its authoritative and distinctive voice while keeping pace with an ever-changing world. The move to Salford aims to ’better reflect the whole of the UK’, while the review suggests that the BBC should ’do less, better’. This will encourage it to refocus on core principles, ensuring that one of the most important and distinctive brands, enjoyed by millions around the world across multiple platforms, isn’t diluted.

Sam Chatwin, Creative director, Clock

The move to Salford, together with the closure or restructuring of certain services, presents a considerable employee branding challenge, but also an opportunity to build better relationships with commercial rivals which may have felt squeezed by the BBC’s rapid expansion in recent years. The BBC also now has the potential to refocus the brand as a provider of high-quality content, with a renewed sense of public ownership and supported by a closer dialogue with consumers.

Alistair Sim, Director, The Chase

I think the geographical shift could work to the BBC’s benefit. Our work with some of its youth brands has shown that younger people see the BBC as very ’London’ and sometimes too corporate, or establishment, because of that. Having a regional powerhouse should challenge this perception and help it to reach out nationally.

Dan Moore, Partner, Studio Output

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