Alloy mix for miniature BT phone

BT Communication Products is launching the BT Mini Dect Headset phone, designed by Alloy Total Product Design, this week.

The cordless digital phone, part of BT’s On Air product range, uses Digital En-hanced Cordless Telecommunications, which provides a clear reception and high sound quality.

The phone is the size of a PC computer mouse and is designed to be clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket, enabling the user to make and receive handsfree calls. The phone uses the fixed landline network.

The Mini DECT is aimed at 20-to 40-year-olds for use in the home and in medium-sized offices. The phone incorporates a number of practical features, including ergonomically designed keys and a choice of lids. It has taken eight months from initial brief to market launch.

Alloy Total Product Design director Nina Warburton says, “Everything we do is designed to look a certain way to evolve the brand identity of BT’s product range.”

The consultancy has worked with BT Communication Products for ten years and has designed about 80 per cent of its product portfolio.

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