NB Studio’s “unconventional” branding for a Ghanaian farm tech company

Farmerline has been set up to more fairly distribute agricultural workers’ profits in sub-Saharan Africa.

NB Studio has created the branding for Farmerline, a social enterprise which aims to improve the lives of farmers in Africa.

According to Farmerline, the Ghana-based enterprise is now one of the largest private employers in the country. Its team works with farmer associations and partners with the aim of creating lasting wealth in the farming sector, through fair accreditation and ongoing training.

The ambition for the new identity was to provide Farmerline with the tools to scale up and foster relationships, explains studio creative director and owner Alan Dye. NB has worked on the new branding, strategy, as well as Farmerline’s updated website.

“Branding plays a critical role, enabling the Farmerline to compete more effectively for talent, partners and investment,” says Dye, who worked alongside the studio’s head of strategy Dan Radley and design director Jamie Breach on the project.

As well as incorporating Farmerline’s “socially motivated and enterprise driven” mindset, Dye says the branding taps into the company’s guiding principle, “Make more impact, make more profit”.

“Our creative treatment is inspired by Farmerline’s scaling ambitions and the promise of prosperity,” Dye adds. Another aim was to help Farmerline compete for talent in the developing sector, he explains. “Our brief was to create an instantly recognisable brand whose reputation precedes it.”

The visuals have been designed to give the brand an optimistic look and feel, according to Dye. Other design elements were also inspired by Farmerline’s “enterprising, unconventional and sociable” ethos, he says. The green colour palette for example is an “audacious choice in the sector”, he adds.

The typographic identity has been designed to incorporate a “distinctive upward slant,” he says. The logotype, which can be seen across communications, equipment and merchandise was crafted in collaboration with international type foundry Dalton Maag.

Dye adds: “It’s a brand designed to make a bold statement on agricultural lorries driving through farmland as well as dynamically online.”

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  • Nick Pascoe May 3, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    I like the use of the ‘audacious’ green to go with the grass-green of countryside, very zingy. It would be nice to see all of the letterforms of the logo type the exact same width. Failing this, a ‘farmer’ and then ‘line’ with the 2 varying character widths instead.

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