11 January 1996

The titillation of being by the sea

The late and not so great Robert Maxwell once said the Daily Mirror’s topless model page could be classified as “art” because nipples were – occasionally – covered up. Surprisingly enough, he provoked a feminist outcry. But this was nothing compared to a bust-up in Skegness, Lincolnshire, in reaction to a logo designed for a […]

Business link shops offer appalling service

I was personally interested in your article on Business Links (DW 5 January), having contacted one of the “link shops” to find out the type of advice and information they are offering on local design consultancies. Presumably, their service is focused on saving businesses both time and expense in locating specific resources, so you can […]

Turkey now open for graphic business

Turkey will become a land of opportunity for graphic designers, following the start of its customs union with the European Union later this month. Under the new arrangement, Turkey must now work within European customs laws, making its formerly protected markets open to imported products and giving Turkish brands freer access to the single EU […]

Changing ways for DW survey

Top-level changes expected this week at Sainsbury’s should speed up the appointment of a new design director to replace Steven Gravelle, who left the supermarket chain last month. ‘We want to replace him somehow, but specifics won’t be clear until the company restructure has settled down,’ says Mike Conolly, director of operational marketing. Conolly has […]

Estate agent converts logo

Knight Frank and Rutley, estate agent to the rich and famous for 100 years, is introducing a shorter name, Knight Frank, and a revised identity designed by Sampson Tyrrell. The consultancy created a new typeface and enlarged the Knight Frank device but retained the classic green and red colouring. The identity concept was originally created […]


‘I would agree that good design is priceless, but it should never be precious’ Les Perez, head of corporate communications at Fife Council which has just held a self-confessed ‘European Song Contest’- style mass free-pitch for its new identity

Architects needed for Hellenic exhibition

An architectural competition is to be held to create a home for a massive new Greek history exhibition. Design concepts for the exhibition have already been finalised by Event. Greek magnate and politician Lazarus Efraimoglou has been working with Event to create an exhibition aiming to cover the history of Greece. Competition details to appoint […]

Pentagram promotion

Peter Foskett has been promoted to become Pentagram’s sixth associate and will work in the London office. Foskett joined the group in 1979. Meanwhile, Robert Brunner has left Apple in the US, where he was director of industrial design, to head up Pentagram’s product team in San Francisco.

Music centre plans firm up

The choice of an exhibition designer is next on the agenda for Sheffield’s planned 10m National Centre for Popular Music. Architect Branson Coates this week won the race to design its home. David Chipperfield Architects came second. The scheme already has Lottery funding for the exhibition and is confident that cash for the building itself […]

Support Butler’s plan for action over words

There are tough times ahead for Nick Butler if he is to honour the pledge he made in his inaugural speech as Master of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry (DW 1 December 1995). Wielding influence in high places is a formidable challenge for an industry such as design, whose impact can’t be measured […]

Sniffing out the bad guys is no mean feat

Every design-conscious young person needs training shoes, delicately scuffed, loosely tied, with huge tongues, ready to be topped by a statement-making T-shirt and a petulant expression. The problem with trainers is that they SMELL. They can stink out a bedroom in a shake of a duck’s tail, and teenagers are not renowned for storing clothing […]

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