It would be ‘nice’ (in the door fitting sense) to demonstrate a tidy connection between an inspiring thing and a glorious design, but I don’t find my world works like that.

In life, I’ve realised there are two types of situations that inspire me: the first involves order, symmetry and alignment; the second, mood, atmosphere and tone. These could be summarised as form and feeling, or hard and soft.

It is the place where these two situations meet that fascinates me – the point at which symmetry and alignment combines with mood and atmosphere. How do we tell stories in these spaces? How can we create identities with both form and feeling? How do things change based on behaviour? How does the axis of time affect design?

These aren’t just questions that excite me, they are the ones that our clients need answering too. We’ve been using storytelling and behaviour as ways of articulating how brands should communicate across multiple channels and in hard and soft ways.

For me, it’s all about ideas, observations, stories, designs or situations where systematic and emotional aspects combine. Sometimes this is complex, other times it can be found in the simplest of things. Either way, I find it inspiring.

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