The London Pedal-Pushers scheme must be addictive…

In your Voxpop you recently asked, ’What alternative name would you have given to the London bicycle hire scheme, which is currently called Barclays Cycle Hire?’ (DW 5 August).

I would propose the name Pedal-Pushers for the hire scheme.

As a London cyclist, to me the name needs to feel as though the scheme really would revolutionise the way people get around London, so that it is in a completely new way -not just a case of hiring a regular old bike to get about on. It needs to be something that will become addictive.
My thinking started with the way that the bikes are offered – in the form of rows of bikes on street corners.

It’s a bit like the streets of London pushing their goods and, hopefully, once you’re hooked, you’ll become a regular customer.

Adam Fenn, Art director and designer, Warp & Woof, by e-mail

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