Interbrand head to alter ‘stylistic’ lead

Interbrand incoming chief executive John Allert has spoken for the first time about how he will run the London office, saying his leadership will be ‘stylistically very different, but philosophically very similar’ to that of his predecessor Jez Frampton.

‘The biggest shift is a clarifying of the autonomy, as I’ve had an operational focus, where Jez had a strategic focus. What I do bring is on-the-ground experience of the design process and of what constitutes good strategic design,’ says Allert.

Allert intends to bring about a ‘simplification of processes’ at the consultancy, though he says these changes are ‘less to do with Jez’s departure and more to do with an increased confidence in our business’.

Allert’s promotion from chief operating officer followed Frampton’s appointment as Interbrand global group chairman and chief executive (DW 6 April).

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