13 April 2006

Phaidon Press to launch Design Classics books

Phaidon Press is launching a three-volume set of books, Design Classics, presenting 999 industrially manufactured products ranging from cars to furniture. The anthology, which charts the processes of design and manufacturing, includes over 4000 images of patents, prototypes, ads, drawings and archival photographs, dating from the late 1600s to the present day. The book collection […]

Zara crosses threshold in to home furnishings

Spanish fashion chain Zara will open its first UK home furnishings flagship store, Zara Home, just a stone’s throw away from Habitat’s soon-to-launch Regent Street shop. Zara Home will be located on 127-131 Regent Street, in a three-storey building, which takes in 489m2 of retail space. It will provide inexpensive, designer home furnishings, such as […]

Interbrand head to alter ‘stylistic’ lead

Interbrand incoming chief executive John Allert has spoken for the first time about how he will run the London office, saying his leadership will be ‘stylistically very different, but philosophically very similar’ to that of his predecessor Jez Frampton.‘The biggest shift is a clarifying of the autonomy, as I’ve had an operational focus, where Jez […]

Runaway train

The ‘open access’ train operator Hull Trains shows how smaller businesses can succeed, with resolve and a simple, solid idea, says Hugh Pearman Say what you like about railway privatisation, at least we got a rainbow coalition of smart, shiny new liveries – oh, and a few hastily tarted-up old trains, such as those of […]

France Telecom to open design and innovation centre

France Telecom is secretly putting the finishing touches to an innovation centre, to be based in Paris, and is understood to have selected British designer Clive Grinyer to spearhead its design resources. The company is expected to reveal the new building, called Explocentre, in May, as part of a drive to increase the speed and […]

The Team designs anniversary logo for Arts Council England

The Team has designed an anniversary logo for Arts Council England to celebrate the organisation’s 60th year. It will be used throughout 2006 on all council materials. To save costs, the Arts Council this month restructured its national office, resulting in the loss of 42 jobs, or 21 per cent of the workforce.

Profile: Inga Sempé

Furniture and lamp designer Inga Sempé’s fascination with technical details gives her work an idiosyncratic touch. Despite international success, she still has a passion for Paris, says Natasha Edwards Tiny maquettes clutter the shelves of Inga Sempé’s studio: tables made out of wire and brown parcel paper, larger versions in cardboard, miniature armchairs in crudely […]

Beware – any design job is only as good as the client

I recently submitted two entries from my consultancy to the 2006 Design Week Awards, and I’ve just received the Design Week Awards book, which has incensed me on a number of levels. My opinion of awards is that there is a cross section of ‘creative’ groups entering and an impartial judging panel. Looking at the […]

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