Public agencies are marginalising some design disciplines

I was very disappointed to read that the ‘GLA Report on creative industries overlooks design’ (News Analysis, DW 4 October). However, I am also concerned that it is not just its economic contribution, but also its work towards London’s civic amenities and transport infrastructure that is often ignored.

I also have concerns about Design for London, which answers to the Greater London Authority and ‘supports’ the London Development Agency and Transport for London. DfL is predominately made up of architects and urban designers, who are trying to influence design projects and are failing to support all design disciplines.

Public agencies seem to think that architects have the monopoly on creative thought. Even TfL no longer has a design director, its design service team answers to the marketing and communications director. Product design is much more than a three-dimensional marketing tool, it often has to last 15-25 years and perform reassuringly every day for both the business and the passenger.

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